Welcome to Verde Herban Tonics

Welcome to Verde Herban Tonics

Welcome to Verde Herban Tonics. My name is Lauren and I am so excited that you’re here! Verde is a woman-owned company based in Bend, OR. When I’m not creating CBD products for you to enjoy, you can find me outside, taking advantage of the wonderful, versatile playground that I am lucky to call home. 


Thanks for taking the time to dive into the endless world of health, wellness, CBD and obsessively clean natural ingredients with me! I have always nurtured my fascination with flowers, herbs and botanicals and the amazing effect they can have on our bodies, both internally and externally.  I am constantly striving to find balance in both body and mind and have found many benefits through my experiences with cannabis over the years.


I don’t believe in the impossible goals set forth by wellness advocates who sometimes say you can never eat this or drink that or think a certain way.  We are all complex individuals with different upbringings, living in a balance of so many worlds. I believe everyone deserves to have fun and everyone deserves to find balance, growth and healing in their own way.  


I began my journey with cannabis sometime in high school, like many of us did. I enjoyed laughing with friends and hanging out at the beach, enjoying the uninhibited feeling that allows you to live in the moment. This went on for years, until I was about 23, when I began growing it myself. This plant continued to fascinate me, and I went on to processing cannabis and working on numerous farms. Since then, I have been involved in all the various processes that surround cannabis and it is rewarding to have come full circle with this remarkable plant.  


In 2013, I began crafting products that my friends and family fell in love with. I started by making my own oil: a process of cleaning and steeping dried cannabis in oil for days and then mixing with other ingredients. After selling these early blends to friends and family, I began to see return customers and I realized I was already on my way to starting a business. 


I officially launched Verde in May of 2019. While my business has grown, it has simultaneously amazed me with possibilities along the way. I truly believe in the healing properties of cannabis, and other herbals and botanicals. Each day brings new research that reveals the multitude of benefits these plants have to offer.


Whether it be inflammatory pain, stress, anxiety or simply a little extra energy, CBD provides. It brings me so much joy to take what Mother Earth has given us and put it in a usable form for you.


Please enjoy!

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