Handmade in Bend, OR

It all started while obsessively looking at skin care/ body care labels while in boutiques and markets, and wondering why products that had little to no beneficial ingredients (if I could even understand what the ingredient was) were so damn expensive.  I began to think, with my background in cannabis, esthetics, and love for clean, botanical ingredients, I could be combining ingredients that provided actual benefits, to deliver to the people. 

I realized that many companies just put random ingredients in a fancy jar, and throw a big price tag on there. My goal was to combine well researched ingredients, that provide the most benefit, while focusing on sustainability, and the environment, and then see what comes of it. 
Verde’s commitment to our customers is to remain transparent in business, and the product we provide.  By offering clean, simple, and honest ingredients; We stand by our belief that simplicity, and honesty are the backbone of any successful relationship. 
Verde was started by, myself, Lauren Lansing, an outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys wild adventures, and has a passion for preserving the environment.  I am in love with the clean, freshness of Verde products, and it is my mission to craft the highest quality, healthiest, CBD body care products available.
Verde’s first product was The Salve, I offered this to friends and family that were suffering from inflammatory pain, cracked skin, burns, acne etc.  The Salve has been adjusted many, many times, and has now been perfected to offer to you.
The Salve was just the beginning, and has bloomed into many other CBD body care products.  We are committed to providing premium products that are clean, simple, and always honest.

Live Wildly,